Welcome to Rescue Whistles.com

Suppliers of high performance safety whistles made in the USA by Whistles For Life, LLC. When it's a matter of life and death you need to be heard!  Designed by Search & Rescue professionals, these safety tools are ideal for outdoor and water safety, personal protection from assault and any situation where you need to signal for help.  

Using a patented 3-chambered design these whisles produce multiple frequency blasts of up to 120 Decibels.  Heavy duty construction out of ABS plastic, these whistles will not fail when an emergency or siginaling situation arises. The official whistle of the Natiional Association for Search & Rescue, National Safe Boating Council, and US Lifesaving Association. Trust the whistle that first responders and life saving teams use.

So why buy from us?  Whistles For Life is a wholesale manufacturer that supplies government life saving agencies, corporations and organizations in volume.  They do not sell individual whistles directly to the public unless through a reseller, so we provide the best price and shipping value for access to this critical life saving tool.  

The Individual purchase price includes shipping anywhere in the USA.  SAVE MORE: Additional quantites (up to 4) are $6/each after the first whistle with the same shipping cost as one whistle. Quantities over 4 units ship in USPS Flat Rate Boxes (up to 20 whistles).